Time to Access


Time to Access is an Amsterdam-based platform devoted to the development of radical architecture. Together with an evolving team of architects, urban planners and activists, we create participative forms of housing, spatial design and social environments. Operating from within increasingly exclusionary urban fabrics, our aim is to make affordable housing accessible for all.

As architects and process managers we support groups and communities to imagine and build their future houses through a range of co-design and co-production activities . All our projects follow the principles of commoning, accessibility, sustainability and circularity. With our work we seek to establish new ways of designing and building which contribute to healing the environmental, economic and social crises of our cities.

We are Mira Nekova and Andrea Verdecchia, two architects with a solid background in the Dutch architectural scene. For over a decade, we worked at leading Dutch architectural firms designing, managing and overviewing the construction of a wide range of projects at different scales, in urban, suburban and rural settings. Throughout these different experiences we gained an in-depth knowledge of housing and local development processes, as well as having built a strong network of public stakeholders and technical advisors. At the same time, we felt the urge to change the speculative dynamics that regulate the housing market. We believe in a different type of architecture that is not driven by profit but by the principles of commoning, accessibility, and sustainability. We therefore started to look for allies in citizens’ initiatives, housing activists and other stakeholders who share our same vision.

In 2019 we founded Time to Access following our involvement with the wooncoöperatie de Nieuwe Meent in Amsterdam, our first project. Thanks to de Nieuwe Meent, where we are both co-founders and architects, we could put in practice our ideas of accessible, inclusive and sustainable housing, and carve a new path that is respectful of our ideals and ethics.

Mira Nekova (1987, Sofia, Bulgaria) has a Master in Architecture from TU Delft, and work experience at SeARCH and MKA. She is specialised in housing, circularity, flexibility and co-design. In 2021 Mira was nominated for the ARC21 Jong Talent Award.


Andrea Verdecchia (1982, Jesi, Italy) has a Master in Architecture from the University of Ferrara, and work experience at SeARCH, MKA and as a freelancer. He is specialised in housing, affordability and co-production developments.


We collaborate daily with a network of scholars, activists, urban planners and technical advisers to make our projects at the same time visionary, innovative, grounded and feasible.

If you think you can contribute to our mission please get in touch writing to info@timetoaccess.com.

In 2022 Loraine Smith (1993, Amsterdam) joined the team. At TtA she focuses on research projects, participation processes and housing cooperatives. Loraine has a Master in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Amsterdam. She’s a community organiser active within various climate action networks, and she recently co-founded wooncoöperatie De Bundel.




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