Time to Access

Forest Pavilion Common Woods

Ateliers & makerspaces

The forest pavilion is an architectural object designed by Time to Access for and together with the future inhabitants of the complex Common Woods on the edge of the landgoed Nimmerdor. Holistic development is realising this complex designed by Space and Matter, where natural and communal living is meeting the beautiful landscape around Amersfoort. The pavilion is a combination of meeting, living and creative spaces. The inside and the outside are designed in direct relation with the surrounding landscape and are blending into the existing environment.

The simple volume of the pavilion is carefully oriented towards its surrounding. The central communal space is transparant and creates visual connection through the volume. The four makers spaces placed on the corners are more secluded and have clear orientation towards the edges of the volume. They extend to a covered terrace where the makers activities can find place when the weather allows.

- HSB structure
- HSB facade with biobased insulation (cellulose) and natural wooden cladding
- Extensive green roof
- Wooden window/door profiles with double glazing
- Wooden floor planks (hardwood Azobe)


Architecture pavilion- Time to Access
Architecture Common Woods- Space & Matter
Urban plan - Delva Landscape Architecture & Urbanism
Developer - Holistic Development