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Eco-Village Amersfoort

Urban plan for a new eco-village

The project, made in collaboration with Holistic Development and Boom Builds, researched the possibility of creating an energy positive and circular eco-village where renters organised as a management-cooperative are actively involved in the management of the village, its natural park and all the collective functions.


Independent terraced houses of different sizes (1 bedroom - 50m2, 2 bedrooms - 75/100m2, work/living units - 100m2) are built as prefab wooden modules and rented out below €1.000,-.

On the west side of the plot, a communal parking includes shared mobility and charging points for electrical vehicles. The rest of the plot is completely car free. A main pedestrian/bike street crosses the area and ends on a large central plaza, adjacent to the collective building that contains co-working facilities, a cafe and event space. The plaza is open to and overlooks the natural reserve on the south. 55 houses are distributed in a lush green setting and grouped in 4 clusters that are alternated with secondary paths.

A network of green spaces with specific identities meander between the buildings. A dense green buffer of tress surrounding the entire plot guarantees privacy for and towards the neighbours.

Along Hogeweg the building touches the plot edge and with its peculiar roof shape creates a recognisable landmark. These large houses are living/working combinations with atelier/stores/office space directly open to the street.

All buildings façades are clad with wooden planks. A variety of wood spices, patterns, and finishes enhance the diversification of typologies, this breaks down the scale of the building and contributes to create a village feeling. A natural colour palette based on the seasonal change of the trees foliage, contributes to the immerssion of the building with the context.

Amersfoort 2021


total 5.000m2 BVO.

55 terraced houses rented in the mid-segment

500m2 communal areas, park


Developer- Holistic Development